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a conversation with wheel of fortune's pat sajak.his excitemeet over the orioles... tonight on fox 45 news at five..3 3 3
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3 3 3
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3 the cause of the apartment
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fire that injured seven people in northeast baltimore yesterday morning is now known. known.police saa someone fire bombed it and antther complex in that same area.megan gilliland is hhre with more on the seerch for suspects at this hour. good morning guys,police in &pthe northeast district are no stepping up patrols... sending two officers to the crime scenes hoping to track down the suspects responibleefor pnjuring more than a half dozen people and destroying several homes. homes.(38:22)there was so much smoke hen you looked through the peephole you couldn't get ot outthis was the scene aroond 4 o'clock yesterday morning at the parksidd garden apartments where sevvn people including a child were injured trying escape.just minutes before this fire broke out... there was another one... less than a mile away along mannasota avenue.fortunately no one was hurt there. (4:51)the cause of these fires molotov cocktails(6:02)this is
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a very dangerous arsonist...anyone who would firebomb a houue here they could reasonably believe people were sleeping is dangerous and they definitely had the intent to kill.... kill....police went on to tell us that... the timinggand location of these fires... point to the same suspects. made.and a motive is unclear.n i'm megan gilliland, fox45 a baltimore mother speaks out on the fatal shooting of her son... caught on surveillance t. tape. wednedsay would have been lovell spencer's 20th birthday ...but instead of celebrating... his mother is grieving. on auuust 21st... in southwest baltimore a surveillance camera recorded some of he finaa moments of spencer's llfe. the video teen. two shots are fired. spencer is hit in the chest and arm. he makes it two blocks before he collapses and dies in the arms of a stranger. 4:12 when i saw that i was devasted for any mother to ee their child being shot and
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running for his ife to see someone walk up on him like that and shoot him like that that's devasting for any mother to go through that :32 :32 green is making a public &pplea . she is hoping anyone son's murder speaks up so the family can some peace. a deadly superbug has killed 19 people at the national institutes of health in, a doctor with the mayo clinic says the outbreak is caused by a bug all of us carry around. and it's likely being transfeered between patients and medicall professionals. these bugs can develop resistance to the commonly used antibiotics and that's what's happened in this case. and hen once the bug is resistant, it sort of has a survival advantage and then it gets transmitted from patient to patient. and it causes serious problees
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problemsdoctors say flu seaaon could lead to a spike in superbug casess.... the biggest risk for infection is phrough open wounds or medical devices like central lines... that are inserted into your skin to access your blood a hearing is scheduled today... for the suspect in the colorado movie massacre. massacre.prosecutorr have filed a motion... to add 10 charges tt the 142 already against james hoomes.holmes is pccused of opening gunfire in july... at a midnight showing of the latest batman movie.12 people were killed... and 8 others injured. the topics have now been decided... for the first presidennial election. were released by debatt they moderator, jim lehrer off -b-s. the first 3 of the debate's 6 segmentss.. will focus on the economy.tte other 3 segments will focus on health care... the role of government... and governing.each segment is
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expected to last about 15 minutes.the first debate ttkes place october 3rd... at the university of denver in colorado. an iowa couple... has the ultimate wedding crasher... president obama! back on september first, john and sayli gibbs tied the knot at iowa's living history farms...but on the same daa... president obama has a last minute rally at the same ocati. location.luckily the vent ended on time.... and the ccuple got married.they even commander ii chief.from the - jon: "everything has a wedding. michelle and i wish you a great liie together. barack obama." obama."in addition to the couple a mint julip glass..he - which the groom drank out of... that same night. parents of yyung children are honest if nothing else..... a recent poll shows 20 percent of parents admit to not reading the instructions when installing their child's car seat. seat. not surprisingly... manyyof them are getting it wrong, and putting their kids
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at risk. joel d. smith is live at the fullerton fire station this morning to show us the 3 things you can check today to see if you got it right. 3 3 ood morning guys.
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3 people waiting for the new i-phone 5... will have to wait longer than expected to get their hands on the gadget. apple says pre-orders won't ship for 3 to 4 more weeks.the company says it received more than 2-million pre-orders in the first 24 hours.that's ádoubleá the number it got for last year's record... setting &pi-phone 4-s release.the phone is expected to hit stores tomorrow. ttey're one mother- daughter duo you don't want to mess with. with.when rebecca larson came home one day and saw a burglar holding some cash from her purse... inntead of running away... she locked herself in with the crook... and told her daughter to grab her gun.with her daughter's gun pointed at the suspect... rebecca managed
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to keep him tied up until police arrived. larson says: "this is our home we worked hard. it's our stuff llke this he needs to ts get a job and get it. nobody house and be an intruder and just take what they want." the suspected burglar is no stranger to police. he just got out offprison in may after spending years in jail for burglary. fall seems to have come early!it's a chilly start to your morning. morning..eteorologist steve fertig tells uss how long these temperatures will last. last. ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map 395 map wilkens map
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3 3
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3 3 how the process... of spending your money... money...can break a city's budg. our cover story... next. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs.
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two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. 3
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earlierrthis week, we told you how pricey employee pensions were costing city taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. this morning, we looo at city spending that critics adding to baltimore's fiscal woes. melinda roeder exppainn in our cover story... bidding wars. wars. 09: 29:03"it's erroneous, it;s wrong"contentious debate at 3 the city's weekly board of estimates meeting.09:39:29"i'm irate, i"m hurt"disagreements for goods and servicesntracts 09:23:19"mr. joilevet, what is relevant to your protest receives ltitle public scurnity (file from digicon story) "this is a computer. this is a telephone. is a telephone a
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computer?"until this spat between city comptroller joan prattand the mayor erupted... (file from digicon story) "the mayor is not being truthful... she's not being honest." (file from digicon story) "if she disagrees, she has avenues to take... closed issue."the battle was over the purchase of pricey video phones by the mayor's office of technologypratt argued the city should've bid the purchase, instead of adding it to an existing contract. 22:43:36"not only is it disagreed.but a long time adovcate for minority businesses arnold joilivet says pratt is rightand argues in this 180 page lawwuit there &pare at least a dozee big time deals where the city didn't get the most for it's money 22245:50"it starts very small just to get the onctract in door"partly because the city add on to existing deals, like to use the term mushroom, - it mushrooms into something much larger and more expensive" standup -- (edit with thess parts of audio and tight shots)
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12:23::2"what if you managed your family's budget like the city managed thses contracts. that would be like going to list of tiemm only planning to spend $10 dollars..and you more"12:14;28"and even mooe stuff"12:22:08"not paying attentton to the prices. well eventuallyyou would be paying not ten dollars, but hunnreds of dollars,a nd you wouldn't &peven be sure you were getting a good deal"anddjust how open is the city's bidding process??? ccitics say - not nearly enough.05:30-05:45 "it's a violation of the spirit of transparancy - of course it is... to be hared ppblicly."when we asked for the invoiies and names of people involved in the controversial phone deal....we were told...they're secret. millions of tax dollars sent be made public.the same goes for one of the contracts in joilevet's lawsuit. a research job awaaded to a company which won...even though it's price was twice a high as the lowest
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bidder.22:51:58"i was offended when i found out that one of the contracts an internal scoring system put the priciest firm on top. points pwarded by a small group of people guessee the city solicitor why soomany secrets? part of the blame, an ongoing inspector general's investigation into the phone purchase which they deem is a priveldged law enforcment investigation.22:57:52"under the public infromation act we are a law enforncementas for the lawsuit, he says he hasn't seen it.22:56:34"i haven't been served yet"q: you haven't been seeved"a"he;s still out hustling, i mean looking for clieets."still, joilevet beleives the rocess is flawed. 22:43:57"it's broken, terribly broken"probllms with costly consequences.melinda roeder - &pfox 45 news at ten, pratt told us the inspector general's report on the controversial phone purchase will be released on monday. coming up...
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bruceecunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. 3
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o'clock hour... p in our 6 song nats &pnats it's the video that's gotten more than á2- hundred-million hitsá... on youtube.but there's a problem. why "psy" ... the korean pop
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star says there's a slight problem... ith his new "gangnam style" song.
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